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Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Hello fellow shipbuilders,

Today I worked on the trawl gallows. These gallows are placed on starboardside of the deck and they hold a pulley/block trough wich the fishingline runs into the sea. You can imagine how enormous force is exercised on these gallows so they were made from heavy steel and were anchored directly on the ships construction.

On this photo you can see the rear gallow with the heavy pulley/block. On the front of the ship there is also a gallow. The nets had two fishingline so the nets stayed open and with the pulleys/blocks the nets were hauled in.

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And here some photo's of the building. Each trawl gallows containes more than 50 parts plus all the parts that fell on the floor and became unfindable. :(







I hope you enjoy watching and reading. Thank you for everything

See you with the next update

Regards, Kees

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