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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Portside Trawlgallow and extended spraydeck

Hello fellow shipbuilders

Last days I worked on two or three different things. The frontmast, a hole for the postside trawl gallow and I have lenghtened the spraydeck.

First I marked the position of the opening. This opening was added to the ship ten years after she was build. It was necessary because of the extra trawl gallow (which was placed to guid the portside fishingline to the fishingbeam).
Then I cut it out and sanded/filed everything smooth. Some halfround to make it all look good and finished.
nice and clean

click for more

Super handy this disk cutter
cut, sand, file... and relax
some halfround to have a good finish
Yes! It fits.

Then I did some work on the fronmast. I gave hem his final position and I adjusted him to the spraydeck.

The frontmast in his position

 And then the extension of the spraydeck. This also was done ten years after build. It was made to protect the fishermen against the waves. Some years later the extension was removed again.

After some adjustments I gott it right.

It doesn't makes the ship more beautiful but I think it looks very sturdy this way. With all the additions you can really see that the ship is a true workingship.

And now a nice pic of the ship with both masts in place. Looks good hey?

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