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Thursday, 10 March 2016

The props

For the trawler I needed a propellor and usually I buy these at the hobbystore but this time I couldnt find what I was looking for and the props I found were expensive (around 15-20 euro's). I need three so it would be a very big gap in my budget.

I looked on the internet for pictures of propellors but there were mostly beautiful new and shiny and thats not the way I wanted them.

This is an example of a new propellor right from the factory

And this is the way I like to build and paint them. This ship has fished for two years now before she went in the drydock

I started with strips of styreen which I heated and shaped in the right shape. After that I made the shaft with the cuts for the blades


After some glueing I used some Milliput to make a smooth curve from the shaft to the blade. So it looks like a casted one

Here the first paintwork. I used an aluminiumcolour with pigements to get the colour Ik wanted. After this I gave the props a protective coat of varnish

Than I went on painting with oilpaint. I want to weather one prop like its in use for years and the other two will get some lighter weathering.
And then the results. I can not capture the right colours in the pictures but I am very content








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