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Monday, 7 March 2016

Nozzles DIY

For the Pelikaan I had to make or buy some nozzles. Buying would be expensive and since the will only be used for static display I wanted to try and make them myselve.

Here some info about the working of a jet nozzle on ships.

 The [...] nozzles are designed and manufactured for propellers to give you a considerable benefit in fuel savings, maximum performance, optimal forward and reverse thrust, improved speed and reduced noise and vibration. (bergermaritiem)

I went to the secondhandstore and bought some plastic cups which had the right diameter and angle. I marked the cuttinglines and cut the exces material away and with a sheet of sandingpaper on flat surface I sanded both sides nice and traight. The with the Proxxon tool and a sandingbit I shaped the curved sides of the in- and outlet so it would look like a proper nozzle.

After some carefull sanding this is the result. I am pleased with the nozzles and the only cost me 20 eurocents for the three.


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